Friday, May 2, 2008

Perforating at the Percolator

artistamp created for the exhibition by Andrea Repinsky
Perforating at the Percolator:
Mail Art & Artistamps

May 11 - June 8

Saturdays & Sundays 1-6PM
Opening Reception
May 11, Talk at 4PM

The exhibition will feature a cast iron perforating machine, mail art, artistamps, @RtH*Le zine, and ephemera from the collections of Boog Highberger, Andrea Repinsky and Eric Farnsworth.

Artistamp Call for Entries due May 8
-If you need/want assistance with perforating, please contact us.
-If you would like to have your artistamp sheet perforated by the old cast iron perforator, sheet size should not exceed 12" in length or width; allow 3/16" (minimum) between stamp images.

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weekends noon-6pm

weekends noon-6pm
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