Sunday, June 2, 2013

Call for Artists: Modern Views of Quantrill's Raid

The Watkins Community Museum and the Lawrence Percolator invite local artists to participate in a collaborative exhibition marking the 150th anniversary of Quantrill’s Raid in August 2013.  The raid’s lasting effects on the city remain a topic of discussion, though generations have passed.  These exhibits aim to remember the victims of the raid and show appreciation for those who made it their mission to rebuild following the city’s destruction. Artists are invited to submit works responding to the question:

What does Quantrill’s Raid mean to you today?

To delve deeper into the legacy of Quantrill’s raid, artists may consider responding to one of the following questions.
  • How do we honor the victims of Quantrill’s Raid?
  • Have changing attitudes towards race influenced the way we think about Quantrill’s Raid today?
  • What role do you think Quantrill’s Raid had in forming the city’s identity over the last 150 years?
  • How far would you go to stand up for your beliefs?
  • Many women, widowed by the raid, decided to stay in Lawrence rather than to return to their families back East. How should their bravery be remembered?

Works will be displayed at the Watkins and the Percolator from early August through October.  Exact dates will vary between the two locations. All artistic media are welcome for submission. Please contact the exhibit coordinator if your work is live performance or requires electrical access.

To submit works, contact Abby Pierron at the Watkins Museum, 785-841-4109 or e-mail for details.  Works will be accepted at the Watkins Museum and the Percolator in late July and early August.

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