Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hope to see you this Friday at our big fundraiser! 
The construction of a extended stay Marriott in the green space across from the Percolator is very close to beginning and they have put a privacy fence up along the alley from the Arts Center to 9th Street.  But that won't stop us!  You can reach us on foot from both 9th Street and 10th Street, and you can also come in from Rhode Island (we are behind 913 Rhode Island...look for the Percolator mailbox).  
 July Final FridayPrints for the Perc: A PercoFundraiser
July 26, 5-9 pm
6:00 performances by Richard's Rock Band groups
7:30 performance by Danny Pound and Brad Allen
Come celebrate the grand Percolation that continues to bubble up in Lawrence and help us keep brewing.  Donate to the Perc and receive prints by Lawrence artists, exclusive Percolator t-shirts & underwear, delicious baked goods, and more!

On display for Final Friday...
What's This About Color?
Hand-dyed fabrics
Saturday, July 20-August 11

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weekends noon-6pm
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